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    opened the casket where this gem was enshrined, spread my arms

    tears, and sinking subdued into the arms of Ham, with the

    he expected, or being a little fatigued with his wife, poor fellow, he

    when you first came in her way—smirking and making great eyes

    before he came I am persuaded she knew no difference between

    for Steerforth, and so joined in them ardently, though I felt

    hands, from unaccustomed exposure to the air and sun, were

    eye, ‘where the passage is “The remembrance of old times, my

    to him at once, with a fast-beating heart, and said:

    ‘Then,’ said my aunt, after a rest, ‘there’s Dick He’s good for a

    and had not yet got out of his cramped brick-and-mortar

    resting-place,” she said, “and tell him that his mother, when she

    disposing of my money for myself, because I couldn’t trust it to

    bear I see them speaking to her in the street I see them cross the

    ceiling It was a prettily furnished room, with a piano and some

    A man, sitting in a pigeon-hole-place, looked out of the fog, and

    at, with a perseverance I may honestly admire I bought an

    at the wall When he came, my aunt performed the ceremony of


    David Copperfield

    The mere vehemence of her words can convey, I am sensible,

    it was, and ceased to be; and that I have written, and there I leave

    David Copperfield

    indelible marking-ink, before I put them on; and it was settled that

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