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    for her I felt proud to know him and believed that she could not

    returned to those monsters, with fresh wakefulness on my part,

    that had its effect upon me, as a touch of nature; but the skill with

    It appeared a wonderful thing to me, but it turned out that

    ‘I have missed you so much, lately!’

    sent me back the ring, enclosed in a despairing cocked-hat note,

    moment, and I felt that the confession of my old misgivings and

    happy face ‘Doen’t keep in that coat, sir, if it’s wet’

    and directly got upon his cart, which was nothing but a large

    after Traddles and me, for luck, as we went downstairs

    Saying which, he went on his toes to the door, which I had left

    conscientious gentleman; and if I had not implicit reliance on my

    me, no! Such a thought never came into my head! I shouldn’t have

    done in my life I was so conscious of having passed through

    coachman, ‘Drive anywhere! Drive straight on!’ and presently the

    not prefer her looking as she looked at such another time; and

    David Copperfield

    (little enough at the utmost), I was as grateful, I rejoice to think, as

    explosives went off, when, after having made it up with my

    on in a crowded street? Can I say of her innocent and girlish

    He had drank wine that evening (or I fancied it), until his eyes

    ‘Don’t say so,’ I returned ‘You don’t think so’

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics


    Copyright for her I felt proud to know him and believed that she could not