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    accomplishment of mine was bruited about among the boys and

    first thing in the morning, and find some means of assuring her,

    I returned to my fireside, and was musing, half gravely and half

    tearing out his hair, beating his head, trying to force me from him,

    Murdstone, from Bloonderstone, Sooffolk, to be left till called for?’

    David Copperfield

    the form of a great Sea Porkypine!’ said Mr Peggotty, relieving his

    David Copperfield

    dinner at Mr Creakle’s table, Mr Sharp was always expected to

    I said, Yes, I should like that, too

    table, while they played backgammon at another ‘Indeed, I


    here to the left, out of this gate,’ tracing his finger along the

    I was shown into a room upstairs, where Miss Mills and Dora

    ‘Rat—tat-tat, Rat—tat-tat, Rat—tat-tat’

    small, and deep in his head; he had thick veins in his forehead, a

    her hair all over her face to hide it, and could do nothing but

    ye? It ain’t fur off How is he, sir?’

    door! How fond we were of one another, when she did come out at

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    But the more he asked Mrs Micawber to look up, the more she

    in the closet, I gave Mrs Crupp a glass of the second, which (that I

    The man on the bed seemed to be waken up by the sound, and the eyelid was trembling.

    David Copperfield

    herself, and too subdued and bewildered altogether, to observe

    offer to take that trouble

    and tapping at the wall, by way of applause


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