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    Miss Creakle was one of the great sights of my life I didnt think

    Bless you, man alive, I’m everywhere I’m here and there, and

    be indispensable I said, what would be the expense of this young

    called her by it, because her Christian name was the same as

    in that airy attire; now I was hungrily picking up the crumbs that

    I could hear Peggotty crying softly on her side of the keyhole, as

    large white cloth I could not make out what that was

    I wondered what she was thinking about, as I glanced in

    ‘But if you marry a person, and the person dies, why then you

    you must really bear with me, because I ask for information We

    pursued Uriah ‘Dear me, what a prophet you have proved

    ‘My dear Master Copperfield,’ she replied, ‘we went to

    more to the purpose, if you had had any practical ideas of life,



    acquired experiences foreign to my age, appearance, and

    however, and carried away in a van; except the bed, a few chairs,

    preparing for something else

    who had taken his fancy there; but your name, as you may

    very big at the mighty ocean ‘I an’t!’



    and I were ready to depart


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