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    David Copperfield

    love Who has succeeded to Miss Larkins, Trotwood?’

    instruments of torture I provided, and sent down by the Norwood

    a Saracen’s Head in a Dutch clock, until they reached my mother

    Steerforth laughed heartily, and I laughed too Miss Mowcher

    handkerchief, and held it before her eyes

    I felt it was rather hard on Mr Omer, and I told him so

    took by snatches as we were employed When I left, at nine

    master, to improve in boxing It gave me no manner of concern

    I have come to peace and happiness I come home, now, like a

    to find there, about their secret way of coming and going, without

    afterwards, he would polish up his shoes with extraordinary pains,

    him almost a natural And a wise man he must have been to think

    banished, and the old Doctor—’

    with the cheeses, and am considered in disgrace for the rest of the

    ordering a ‘small plate’ of that delicacy to eat with it What the

    ‘What would he be?’ said Peggotty

    entreat, I order you!’


    ‘It was clear enough, as I have told you, years before you ever

    time is come (we being at present all mixing ourselves up with

    I was afraid of. This girl is really discreet, what actions are to escape her eyes.

    ‘She is the most disagreeable thing I ever saw,’ said Dora ‘You

    ‘Oh, yes; but I don’t want to hear any more about crusts!’ said

    contemplation of I really think I saw tears rise to his eyes, from

    ‘You can shake hands with me, Mr Omer, if you please,’ said I,

    man And he takes,’ said my mother, with the tears which were

    establishment was writhing and crying, before the day’s work

    used to go back to the prison, and walk up and down the parade

    David Copperfield

    my mother came home from spending the evening at a


    Copyright David Copperfield